about miranda

Hi friends! I 'm Miranda. I'm a twenty-something strawberry-blondie, writer and business owner. I'm obsessed with books, coffee, country music, sunshine and fresh flowers. Most days you can find me in a comfy pair of dark wash denim jeans and a good 'ol pair of boots. When I'm not at my desk or running my skincare business, I tend to spend my time outdoors,  tending to my small apartment garden (yes, I'm a certified "plant lady"), in my kitchen or let's be real, on my couch. I'm an introvert by nature and a homebody at heart. About two years ago, I set out on a journey that changed the course of my life entirely, and what I learned in the process is that my passion truly lies in empowerment, connection and faith. I have learned to trust, cherish and believe in myself in ways I didn't know were possible, and my hope is by sharing the good, the honest and the lessons learned, we can live out our truest dreams together. 🌹